[][src]Trait web3::DuplexTransport

pub trait DuplexTransport: Transport {
    type NotificationStream: Stream<Item = Value>;
    fn subscribe(&self, id: SubscriptionId) -> Result<Self::NotificationStream>;
fn unsubscribe(&self, id: SubscriptionId) -> Result<()>; }

A transport implementation supporting pub sub subscriptions.

Associated Types

type NotificationStream: Stream<Item = Value>

The type of stream this transport returns

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Required methods

fn subscribe(&self, id: SubscriptionId) -> Result<Self::NotificationStream>

Add a subscription to this transport

fn unsubscribe(&self, id: SubscriptionId) -> Result<()>

Remove a subscription from this transport

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impl DuplexTransport for WebSocket[src]

impl<A, B, AStream, BStream> DuplexTransport for Either<A, B> where
    A: DuplexTransport<NotificationStream = AStream>,
    B: DuplexTransport<NotificationStream = BStream>,
    A::Out: 'static + Send,
    B::Out: 'static + Send,
    AStream: Stream<Item = Value> + 'static + Send,
    BStream: Stream<Item = Value> + 'static + Send

impl<X, T: ?Sized> DuplexTransport for X where
    T: DuplexTransport,
    X: Deref<Target = T>,
    X: Debug,
    X: Clone

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